Monday, 29 February 2016

Oh those electrical Furnaces!

When we turned the furnace on in January, it never reached top temperature. Glass usually melts at 1250 degrees C. and the temperature never went over 1140. The glass was melted, but at such a low temperature, there were a lot of bubbles. An electrician came to assess what was going on, and sure enough, 3 of the 9 elements were out of order. Of course, we knew the day would eventually come when we would have to exchange parts on the furnace, and that day finally came at the end of the Agya conference.

So the other thing about having an electric furnace is that the elements are not that common, and take a while to produce, 3 weeks, in this case! We bought ours from Schupp and as they understood our urgency, they produced them as quickly as possible. Now the furnace is back to its regular working temperature, and we are ready to blow some glass again!! 

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