Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Glassblowing blows my mind

Literally. I signed up recently for Berlin Glas ´s in-depth class; and although I´ve stood in front of a furnace for the last 1195 days, and I´ve made a punty or two along the way, I´ve never taken a class. So the other day, as I was standing at the furnace ready to take a gather, my classmate opened the door for me and walked away. It was far too wide, and if you´ve ever stood next to a furnace, you know that 1160 degrees Celsius is freakin ´ hot. Three instincts flashed through my head: the first one told me to close the door myself.; after all, I´ve done this many times, and I know how to maneuver it alone. But I didn´t want the other student to see me and try it herself (our door sticks sometimes). So the other was to yell at her – like WTF close the f´ing door a little! And the third was tell myself to deal with it. You know sometimes, when you are in an uncomfortable situation, and you tell yourself that its only temporary/ it will end soon? Well! Its really hard to do that in front of 1160 degrees! So you gotta step-up and open up – its not her fault, its her first time in a hot shop - and articulate what you need calmly, clearly. But those three instincts that flashed thru my head – deal with it yourself, get angry, or suck it up – made me think twice how we communicate with each other in life. How do I really deal with things? And that blows my mind… in the best possible way...

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